One-Time Paper Shredding Services by Shred Instead

For organizations and residential clients dealing with a surplus of sensitive documents, Shred Instead provides convenient One-Time Purge Paper Shredding services.

Our One-Time Purge is perfect whether you have a few personal files or cartons full of documents to destroy. We quickly send one of our shredding trucks to your location, ensuring the secure destruction of your documents while you observe.

Our One-Time Document Purge Process–Paper Destruction Made Easy


Our one-time purge paper shredding service is cost effective and convenient. WE have a set minimum service fee making our on-time paper shredding services accessible no matter the size of your shredding project.

What To Shred

Everything! Shread Instead recommendation is straightforward – shred all documents when they are no longer needed. We eliminate the guesswork, ensuring that every documentundergoes secure shredding before disposal.


No! We prioritize simplicity. Just choose the files you want destroyed, and we handle. We can process documents as they are, saving you from hassle of opening envelopes, separating paper.

Why Choose Shred Instead for One-Time Shredding?



Flexible, Cost-Effective Option

Ideal for businesses or individuals needing occasional document shredding, our One-Time Shredding is a cost-effective, per-order solution. Perfect for those not generating enough materials for a regular plan but requiring secure disposal.

Law-Compliant Document Destruction

Whether it’s sensitive financial records or personal information, Shred Instead ensures law-compliant disposal after an extended period. Our service not only securely destroys documents but also provides additional space for your organization.

Versatile Document Disposal

From old tax documents to warehouse or garage cleanouts, Shred Instead handles all your document disposal needs. Our paperwork shredding services maintain the same high standards of security, consistency, and reliability as our Scheduled Route Services.

On-Site Shredding with Cutting-Edge Technology

All your documents are securely destroyed on-site using state-of-the-art shredding trucks. Our confidential and compliant process guarantees the utmost care and professionalism in handling your sensitive information.

Simple, Secure, and Reliable

Trust Shred Instead for a straightforward and reliable One-Time Paper Shredding service. We prioritize simplicity, ensuring your confidential information is handled securely and professionally.

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