Secure Product Destruction Services by Shred Instead

In the business world, successful companies need to get rid of products safely. Things like product recalls, old stock, or broken items need careful handling to stop competitors from getting hold of them. If we don’t handle things we can’t sell carefully, it can be used in illegal activities, or identity theft, and tarnish company reputation. Shred Instead has a solution for businesses to handle unwanted items very carefully. With our Product Destruction Services, you can properly dispose of unwanted items and secure your brand identity. 

Items Securely Destroyed by Shred Instead:

Confidential information protection extends beyond documents and hard drives. Shred Instead ensures the secure destruction of various specialty items through product destruction, paper shredding, and scheduled paperwork shredding, reducing the risk of compromise.

  • Corporate promotional items and incentives
  • Old sales brochures and price books
  • Training binders
  • Building entry cards
  • Employee ID badges
  • MRIs, X-rays, and other recordings related to medical
  • Driver’s licenses and expired credit cards.
  • Medication containers and prescription pill bottles.
  • Identity cards, Old uniforms, and badges
  • Playing cards and Casino chips 

Benefits of Product Destruction Services with Shred Instead:

  1. Brand Protection and Credibility:

  • Safeguard your brand identity by preventing unwanted products from reaching the gray market through legal dumpster diving.
  • Ensure market credibility and reputation by responsibly disposing of defective or outdated items.
  1. Legal and Environmental Compliance:

  • Avoid extended legal troubles and potential lawsuits by adhering to secure product destruction practices.
  • Contribute to environmental protection by avoiding incorrect methods of disposal.
  1. Comprehensive Secure Product Destruction Services:

  • Product Destruction, a service by Shred Instead, caters to the secure product destruction needs across various industries.
  • Protect your brand, free up valuable storage space, and dispose of unwanted stock safely and permanently.

Why Choose Shred Instead for Product Destruction Services:

Benefit from Shred Instead’s expertise in secure product destruction, paperwork shredding, and document shredding services applied consistently across various specialty items. Our commitment to security includes:

  • Easy, on-demand scheduling of your service
  • Collection and transportation by trained Shred Instead representatives
  • Barcode scanning as an integral part of our secure chain of custody
  • Proof of Service certificate provided after material pick-up

Our Product Destruction Services Can Destroy All of the Following Materials.

Computer Hard Drives


Floppy Disks

Video/Cassette Tapes


Security/ Identification Badges


Casino Chips/Playing Cards

Security/ Identification Badges

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