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SI Protection Program

Are you ready for a Data Breach?

All businesses need a comprehensive information privacy program, with administrative, technical and physical safeguards. This includes risk assessment, policy development, ongoing monitoring, and employee training. Proactive planning will minimize losses that can range from reputational damage and decreased sales to fines and lawsuits.

SI Protection Package

The SI Protection Package is comprised of both the Readiness Suite and the Breach Reporting Service which is powered by CSR Privacy Solutions. The Readiness Suite is the proactive component of the SI Protection Package. This data privacy self-assessment allows companies to evaluate their data security practices. It allows companies to document the steps that they take towards protecting their customers, patients, consumers, clients and employees PII (personally identifiable information). In today’s business world, you are expected to take reasonable steps towards protecting the PII you are responsible for as a business owner. This necessary program also offers up remediations in the form of policies and procedures.

Breach Reporting

The Breach Reporting Service (BRS) is the REACTIVE solution that fulfills your legal requirements to report a breach and notify your customers. This patented, award-winning service is provided by Certified Information Privacy Professionals and will help protect your reputation and mitigate fines.

What will the Breach Reporting Service do for me?

If there is an actual or suspected breach of PII, the Breach Reporting Service reports to authorities and notifies consumers, as relevant laws require. Your call to the in-house team of privacy professionals initiates a custom evaluation of your incident to determine if authorities and consumers must be notified. We file the necessary breach reports on your behalf, and helps you prepare consumer notifications.

Your Reward for Protecting PII

When you complete analysis and remediation, your business earns a Certificate of Completion and an ID Stay Safe™ digital seal for your website and advertising use. The certificate and seal show customers that you are diligent in protecting personal information. The certificate and seal remain valid for one year, when you revisit Readiness to ensure your business has sufficiently addressed any changes in laws-or threats! - that may have occurred.

Average Cost of US Data Breach
of Data Breaches are Preventable
of Victims are Small Businesses
US Average Cost per Stolen Record
Avergae Loss of Business in US Post-Breach

Readiness Pro® & Breach Reporting Service

  1. Collect all necessary information
  2. Call the toll-free number
  3. The Privacy Professional will evaluate the incident using the powerful and patented systems
  4. We complete all necessary reporting and, if needed, works with the user to complete consumer notification

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